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For Brands

Which social media channels do you work on?

Our 15000+ Creator Network pans across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Quora and Facebook.

Which industries have you worked in?

We have worked with FinTech, Lifestyle, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Apps and more brands from across sectors. As a specialised Influencer Marketing Agency, we understand the nuances of multiple industry and have demonstrated success across categories.

What if we have never done this before?

We encourage brands to experiment with low budget test campaigns before scaling influencer marketing.

How will the execution work?

We dedicate a team of Campaign Manager and Associates for every project – irrespective of budget. Using our in-house platform they take care of the whole campaign end-to-end.

What results can we expect?

Influencer Campaigns are catalysts to growth – it drives increased organic brand search, fosters trust amongst consumers and impacts purchase decision positively.

For Influencers

Do you help me create content?

Yes, the help will be in terms of content creation, captions, and focus on rising your engagement.

Do you help me get more brands?

Our private Facebook community is updated with new opportunities in collaboration.

Do you exclusively manage influencers?

Managing influencers comes with a few criteria in terms of followers, reach, and platforms.

Can I be a part even if I have just started?

Of course! We would love to be a part of your journey. For tips and tricks to rise as a content creator you can join our Facebook community

What kind of brand deals can I expect?

It is subjective to the brand but mostly consists of Cash, Voucher Coupons, or Products.

Everything you need to grow on social.

We offers a hearty arrangement of computerized initial open doors that drive shopper commitment and activity through strong human associations.